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11 Things To Consider Before Buying A Shock Collar

If you are thinking about buying a shock collar for your dog, you are on the right track.  However, there are some things you should know prior to adding a shock collar to your dog’s neck.  Consider the factors detailed below, choose the right collar for your dog and you will launch a new era of communication with man’s best friend. Remember, our furry friends are just like our babies, that we care about the most- Therefore, the very first step of educating our beloved ones has to begin with understanding their needs and give them the right treatment that fits those needs- always with love. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 11 things to know prior to buying a shock collar for your dog.

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     1. No two Dog Collars are Exactly the Same

There is a common misconception that all dog shock collars are exactly the same or similar enough not to warrant research and comparison.  However, the truth is dog shock collars are quite unique.  When in doubt, opt for a well-made shock collar with the right functionalities to best suit your dog training needs.  Do not sacrifice quality for price as the well-being and behavior of your dog is at stake.  Above all, the dog shock collar you select should be highly recommended by fellow dog owners as well as dog trainers. 

     2. The Best Shock Collars Reduce the Chances of Accidental Shock

Dog owners considering a shock collar commonly worry about the potential for accidental shock.  The top shock collars on the market correct a dog with the use of a remote.  Shock collars for dogs with remote enhance functionality, ultimately eliminating the possibility of accidental shock.  Pick up a dog shock collar with a remote, slide the shock collar’s security keypad lock and you will rest easy knowing an accidental shock will not occur. Even when a little kid reaches the training transmitter. 

     3. E Collar Technology Improvements- Distance is no Longer a Challenge

It wasn’t long ago when dog shock collars had fairly limited range.  Today’s shock collars have the potential to reach upwards of 3,000+ feet.  This means you can train your dog in all different types of environments ranging from beaches to parks, your front yard and other open spaces.

These capabilities would give you the free mind to go for a jog with your best friend knowing you have the control in the palm of your hand whenever a correction is needed.

      4. Top-notch Shock Collars Are Durable With 1-Year Warranty

There is a common misconception that all dog shock collars have an abbreviated battery life as shocking requires a considerable amount of power.  However, rechargeable dog shock collars are now on the market. In fact, if you are looking for a durable dog training collar, which would give you the peace of mind to train your dog without worrying about battery life span - look for accompanied e collar receiver operation of 15 days and for the transmitter that would last for 45 days in standby.  24/7 customer support along with a full year warranty is another factor you would probably like to consider.

      5. Not All Dog Shock Collars are Fully Waterproof

Advances in dog shock collar design have led to the creation of waterproof collars.  If you enjoy taking your dog to the beach, nearby ponds, lakes or other bodies of water, look for an IP67 waterproof shock collar and you will have unparalleled flexibility.

      6. Train & Care Responsibly

Shock collars are not meant to punish a dog.  Rather, they serve as an effective deterrent that discourages the dog from engaging in dangerous or undesirable behavior.  The dog associates the temporary jolt with the behavior in question and eventually stops repeating that behavior. Each stimulation form on the dog has to be in the exact moment of misbehaving. The professional e collars is short and superficial, meaning it will not cause significant or lasting pain of any sort, unless you're using it while you are angry or depressed, which we do not recommend this state of mind while training your dog- using any kind of training tools! 

Dog shock collars with 123 different levels of stimulation are now available.  As an example, the INVIROX Training Collar for dogs has three modes: shock mode (1-99), vibration mode (1-16) and beep (1-8), meaning you have the power to gently correct your baby by adjusting the collar’s stimulation to the right level based on your dog’s sensitivity and behavior.  

Consider applying voice commands first, if the unwanted behavior is repeated, try to use the beep and vibrate modes as they are very likely to serve the wishful correction. Leave shock mode for extreme situations only.  

     7. Certain Shock Collars Have Extensive Adjustability

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could alter the size of your dog’s shock collar as desired? An E collar for large dogs really is just as effective as a shock collar for small dogs.  Choose carefully and you will have an adjustable dog shock collar that can be resized in mere seconds to fit a puppy weighing five pounds or a full-grown dog weighing more than 100 pounds. 

A professional dog shock collar can weigh just like a diamond ring- INVIROX e collar for instance, offering an unbelievable 49g dog training collar which suits all dog sizes without compromising high quality.   

     8. Professional Dog Trainers Rely on Shock Collars

If you are on the fence as to whether it is a good idea to buy a shock collar for your dog, consider the fact that professional dog trainers and those who specialize in dog behavior often use shock collars on our furry friends.  As long as the collar is used the right way, it will prove effective.  If you have any questions as to how to best use a shock collar, do not hesitate to ask a professional for guidance.

     9. Dog Training Collars Work Best With Positive Reinforcement

Dogs learn best when their shock collar is used along with training and positive reinforcement.  This combination of techniques makes it that much easier to teach the dog which behaviors are unacceptable and which are acceptable.  So don’t hesitate to reward your pooch with a tasty snack after he or she complies with your directions.  This positive reinforcement makes it clear there is an alternative to being corrected by beep, vibrate or shock.

     10. The Shock Collar Might Minimize Your Dog’s Aggression

If your dog is aggressive or has another personality issue, you should give serious consideration to a shock collar.  An E collar empowers you to train your dog to prevent aggressive and violent actions toward fellow dogs as well as human beings.  The light shock provided by the collar corrects the unwanted behavior; towards other animals and people. In fact, there is the potential for your dog training collar to reduce the possibility of a bloody battle with another dog.

Have been saying that, shock collars are not the answer to every dog behavior issue. If a dog is getting too many corrections for all kinds of different behaviors, he/she could easily become confused, stressed or scared. Just like a choke or prong collar, the e collar must be used responsibly.

     11. Dog Training Collars Work Quicker Than Most Expect

Ask anyone who has tried a top-notch dog collar about the amount of time it took to make a meaningful difference in their dog’s behavior and you will find most worked faster than anticipated. While dog obedience training sessions and other approaches have the potential to take upwards of half a year or longer, dog shock collars work within weeks or even days when used properly.  

The bottom line, E collars for dogs make it crystal clear when it comes to educating and correcting your dog's bad behavior. The responsibility to use it the right way- is in your hands. If your dog is not behaving in a manner that you find satisfactory- consider a brief vibrate or beep before shock, the negative reinforcement meant to apply in the very moment of the bad act of the dog to reform and behave in accordance with your expectations. Dogs are eager to please and love seeing their owner smiling, laughing and having a good time. Make your dog your best friend by understanding their behavior, the good and bad ones. Make it clear you are enthusiastic when your furry friend follows your rules with a nice snack, or other positive reinforcement- pet your dog with ‘good boy/girl’. and always remember, our dog is just like our baby that we care about the most.


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    Thanks for the blog.
    We never used shock collars for our pooch, he is a well behaved boy now.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Cathy Hann

    Should the probes be removed and use the conductive silicone covers?
    Can the probes be used alone?

    Thank you

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