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5 Shocking Facts About Dog Shock Collars

When someone mentions a dog training collar in conversation or in writing, it often invokes thoughts of discomfort.  In reality, dog training collars do not cause lasting pain or trauma when used correctly.  Choose the Invirox shock collar for dogs to train your pooch and it will correct undesired behavior including incessant barking, nipping and aggressive behavior without causing psychological trauma to your furry friend.   

Perform your due diligence by reading through the shocking facts about Invirox e-collars as detailed below and you’ll be one step closer to bringing out the best in your pooch.  Without further ado, here is a quick look at five of the most interesting facts about dog training collars that most people don’t know.

Shocking Fact #1: E-Collars Work When Other Methods Do Not

Interact with those who have spent money, time and effort on conventional dog obedience lessons, training classes and other traditional methods of behavioral instruction and you’ll find the results are mixed.  The truth of the matter is obedience classes are egregiously expensive and in some cases, a waste of time.  Instead of assuming conventional dog training methods are the only avenue toward success, opt for an Invirox dog training collar. 

A shock collar for dogs corrects negative behaviors through finely-tuned vibration that doesn’t spur trauma, abrasions, burns or lasting pain, be it physical or psychological.  Use the Invirox collar the right way and it will teach your furry friend to behave exactly as you desire without compromising his or her spirit. 

In short, it is a mistake to blindly believe the negative hype about e-collars for dogs!  Remain positive, give Invirox a chance to work its magic and it won’t be long until you echo the e-collar’s merits to other dog owners as well as those considering welcoming a dog into their home.

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Shocking Fact #2: Slight Pain is a Net Positive

Though a shock collar for dogs causes slight pain and annoyance, there is no gain without a bit of pain in both life and dog training.  The bottom line is strictly rewarding a dog with positive reinforcement in the form of dog treats, petting and/or verbal recognition for following your commands will not result in a well-behaved dog. 

Recognize that inflicting a small amount of temporary discomfort through the Invirox e-collar is necessary for proper dog behavior, use the e-collar with prudence and you’ll find it is a massive net positive for both you and your dog.

Shocking Fact #3: A Sliding E-collar Vibration Scale Works Wonders

The average person is inclined to assume e-collars have one or only a couple intensity levels.  In general, there is a widespread misunderstanding of how shock collars for dogs work simply because the mainstream media tends to cast such technological training tools in a negative light.  Do some digging into the Invirox e-collar for dogs and you’ll quickly find it works to perfection thanks to its sliding scale of intensity. 

As a dog owner, you are empowered to set the vibration intensity level to the setting you deem appropriate.  Start out with a low setting, observe your dog’s response to the setting and increase or decrease the intensity level as necessary.  However, we would be remiss not to mention that dogs gradually become accustomed to shock intensity levels, meaning it might be necessary to heighten the shock level as time progresses. 

Shocking Fact #4: E-collars are Important for Both Human and Animal Interactions

Some prospective dog owners and those new to dog ownership assume Invirox shock collars are solely used for correcting misbehavior in the context of human-dog interactions.  However, the manner in which your dog interacts with other dogs and animals is just as important as the manner in which he or she interacts with you. 

Resist the temptation to remove the shock collar after initial training sessions at home, use the Invirox e-collar at dog parks and other social settings to correct undesirable behavior during interactions with fellow furry friends and your dog will understand what constitutes proper dog-to-dog socialization. 

If you have a cat or another pet in the home, continue to use the shock collar for dogs when your pooch misbehaves in the presence of that animal, making it perfectly clear that fellow members of the animal kingdom are to be treated with dignity and respect.

Shocking Fact #5: Dog Training Collars are Gentler Than Most Assume

A slight vibration, shock or audible beeping when your dog misbehaves communicates your desire for change without causing physical or emotional scarring.  In fact, some dog owners go to the extent of testing out the Invirox dog training collar on their arm or leg at a low setting to get a sense of just how gentle it is.  Establish the optimal level of tautness when attaching the Invirox e-collar to your dog and the gentle vibration won’t cause significant pain.  Your pooch will quickly learn there is a connection between the vibration and the misbehavior, alter his or her ways accordingly and gradually become the well-behaved dog you’ve long-coveted.  You are in full control when using Invirox, meaning  you are empowered to alter the vibration level as you deem fit. 

If you know or suspect the vibration level is too high, turn it down a notch or two, closely observe your dog’s response to the next collar activation and proceed accordingly.  Find the right level of vibration for your unique dog and it won’t take long for him or her to correct misbehavior without suffering physical or psychological pain.  Most importantly, you won’t feel even the slightest bit of guilt when using the Invirox e-collar to bring out the best in your dog.

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