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Is It Cruel to put a Shock Collar on a Dog?

There is a common misconception that shock collars for dogs are inherently cruel and unnecessary.  However, if you were to poll dog owners who used a dog training collar and compared their responses to those who did not use an e-collar, you would find the former are much more pleased with the behavior of their pooch than the later. 

The bottom line is it in your interest, your dog’s interest and the interest of society to use an INVIROX collar for training.  Here’s why.

A Shock Collar for Dogs is not Cruel!

Use your mind’s eye to envision the sweetest, most precious Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.  The Bernese is an expensive and beautiful breed analogous to a visually striking piece of living art.  However, Bernese pups and other young dogs misbehave with regularity, largely because they are overloaded with energy and hormones. 

If you were to interview owners of Bernese and other puppies, you would find the use of a shock collar for dogs is a massive net positive.  Even those who own the cutest and most expensive dog breeds are quick to testify to the merits of INVIROX e-collars.

The INVIROX shock collar for dogs might strike you as an unnecessary tech tool that provides painful negative reinforcement for misbehavior yet the truth is the exact opposite. INVIROX dog training collars provide a brief and light shock yet they will not harm your lovely little furball.  Rather, this shock collar for dogs is perfectly suitable for all breeds, providing 8 unique beeping levels and 16 vibration levels to correct undesired behavior. 

Even if you own the cutest dog in the world worth several thousand dollars, you’ll find an e-collar’s relatively minor infliction of temporary pain pays massive dividends down the line.  Check out the online reviews of INVIROX e-collars for dogs and you’ll find 9 in 10 reviewers are adamant that the collar is not cruel in the slightest.  Read through the entirety of the reviews posted to the web and it will become increasingly clear that e-collars for dogs are not only desirable but necessary to correct misbehavior. 

In contrast with other e-collars, INVIROX shock collars for dogs empower pet owners to set carefully calibrated vibration levels as opposed to strictly limiting control to physical shocks.  Whether you own a pup such as the Newfoundland that will grow into a large working, a lovely little toy dog or a breed in between these size extremes, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by using an INVIROX e-collar for dogs.

Use an INVIROX E-collar Without a Tinge of Guilt

If you are like most dog owners, you are understandably hesitant to shock your dog, even at the slightest level.  However, those who give the INVIROX e-collar a try find its wide range of vibration and shock settings work to perfection.  Start out with the lowest possible shock/vibration setting, work your way up to the level of negative reinforcement that works best for your unique dog and you’ll quickly and effectively correct misbehavior.  The measured and controlled delivery of vibration/shock to your dog does not cause significant pain. 

The INVIROX  e-collar provides a very light sensation that makes it clear that you do not approve of the behavior in question.  Use INVIROX and it won’t take long for your dog to get the message, correct the unacceptable behavior and act in accordance with your expectations. The best part of this amazing product that it's 100% Safe to use while in hand or pocket with security keypad-lock to prevent mis-operation. 

Safe dog shock collar

A large part of the appeal of a shock collar for dogs is that it is highly efficient.  Compare the length of time and frustration necessary to train a dog through traditional non-electronic means such as a lengthy series of obedience classes that reward pups with treats to that necessary with the e-collar and you’ll find the difference quite striking.  The light vibrations and shocks emitted by the e-collar quickly corrects bad behavior, ultimately saving you valuable time, energy and frustration.  Your time is your most valuable asset. 

Instead of investing hour after hour attempting to correct your dog’s misbehavior through verbal commands, the withholding of treats and other traditional training methods, take the highly effective shortcut of an e-collar for dogs and you’ll reach the endpoint of proper behavior sooner than would otherwise be possible.

Balance Positive Reinforcement With Negative Reinforcement

Most dog owners are quick to highlight the efficacy of reinforcing positive pup behavior with a dog treat, a pat on the head, an audibly pleasing verbal exclamation or another reward.  Though somewhat effective, positive reinforcement for acceptable dog behavior will only go so far in training the animal to behave as desired.  Though no dog owner desires to inflict even the slightest pain on his or her furry friend, it is important to treat dogs similar to children in that their misbehavior must be corrected. 

Choose the INVIROX e-collar to transmit brief vibrations to your furry friend after misbehavior and you’ll find he or she quickly learns such behavioral missteps are unacceptable.  Most importantly, your pooch will learn to correct the improper behavior to avoid additional negative reinforcement from the e-collar.  Balance such negative reinforcement through the e-collar with positive reinforcement such as dog treats or another form of positive reinforcement to reward coveted behavior and it won’t take long to motivate your dog fulfill your expectations.

A Gentle Means of Correcting Misbehavior

Think back to the last time you went for a walk only for a poorly-behaved wayward dog to lurch toward you, bark incessantly or violate your space in another manner.  If you are like most people, you’ve experienced such instances several times in recent months or years.  Furthermore, plenty of dogs misbehave at dog parks, pet spas and in other contexts where proper behavior is essential for social harmony and safety.  Instead of assuming “dogs will be dogs” and their misbehavior cannot be corrected without inflicting significant pain, consider the merits of a shock collar for dogs.

An e-collar rectifies improper dog behavior in a subtle and gentle manner.  Even if your dog is large in size and aggressive, his or her behavior can be quickly and easily corrected with the strategic use of a shock collar.  As an example, if your dog tends to gravitate outside of his or her designated space in your yard or becomes aggressive in the presence of other dogs, timely corrections with an Invirox e-collar will send the message that such behavior is unacceptable.  The best part about using a shock collar for dogs is it does not cause significant pain that traumatizes the animal.  Rather, the e-collar sends a controlled level of shock or vibration suitable for your unique dog.

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Your dog’s e-collar will prove highly effective even if you are 10+ feet away from the animal, transmitting the desired level of corrective force and making it perfectly clear that the behavior in question will not be tolerated.  Re-transmit the necessary level of vibration after subsequent behavioral missteps and it won’t take long for your dog to understand the action in question will result in an uncomfortable sensation. 

Rest assured, the slight level of negative reinforcement sent through the e-collar will not cause extreme pain or even pain to a level that traumatizes your furry friend.  The INVIROX e-collar provides the perfect level of physical sensation, setting the stage for positive and safe social interactions moving forward.

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