Solving Incontinence in Dogs

Solving Incontinence in Dogs

Having an incontinent dog isn’t a normal condition so it’s important to have a proper diagnosis, then find ways to support the dog. It’s unpleasant having a dog lose control of its bladder, particularly when it happens in the house. If you’ve purchased one too many large dog beds, only to have to toss them out, it may be time for a visit to the veterinarian clinic to find out if a dog has a serious health condition.

There are many reasons why your dog may be peeing on the floor or on their dog’s couch. Anxiety and depression is one of them. A dog’s vet will question the owner as to whether there have been any changes in the household recently. New pets, a baby, and even rearranging the furniture can cause stress in a dog’s life.

Dogs Depresion And Axiety

If it’s as simple as anxiety, purchasing one of the best dog beds on the market is likely to help to comfort a dog. It’s important to set up the dog bed in a quiet spot in the home. And if the dog is one of the larger dog breeds, it’s important to look for the appropriate orthopedic memory foam sofa for large dogs as it enables those giant furry friends to fully lay down and stretch if they wish.

If it’s not as simple as anxiety, urinary incontinence may be caused by a weak bladder sphincter, a hormonal imbalance, urinary stones, or even an infection. There are multiple causes for incontinence, so it’s important to have a professional veterinarian diagnose them for a concerned dog owner. This can also save time and anxiety so the abnormal condition can be treated correctly.

If a dog continues experiencing incontinence during treatment, there are doggy diapers that can be purchased. You can also buy a good waterproof dog bed. This dog bed is impervious to splashes and can easily have its cushions rinsed under the tap and dried quickly.

Durable and Washable pet sofa

Dogs are like family and that’s why it’s important to provide them with a comfortable living and sleeping space, with memory foam dog beds and quality bedding. Often the solution to incontinence in dogs is simple, but if it’s not, your dog will eventually get better with treatment and a dog owner’s love and care.


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