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Build A Stronger Bond - Interview with Adam Evers

The police K9, also known as the K9 unit or the K9 dog, is a specially trained working dog used by law enforcement agencies to assist in a variety of tasks, such as tracking and locating suspects, detecting illegal substances, and providing security during an investigation.

In addition to being intelligent, athletic, and able to perform tasks under high-pressure conditions, these dogs are also chosen for their intelligence, athleticism, and commitment. The bond between a police K9 and its handler plays a major role in the success of their partnership, as both of them need to undergo extensive training together in order to develop trust and understanding of each other's abilities as well as build a deeper bond.

We have caught Adam Evers from Missouri and K9 Oscar a Retired police dog - For a small convo about dog training & K9 in general.

What got you interested in becoming a dog trainer?

My love for dogs and the amazing things they can do! I was able to observe police working dogs in action in my career in law enforcement and just knew I had be involved in some way.

Why do you think training is important, regardless of the size of your dog?

Whether your dog bites ankles or biceps, it is extremely important to at least have a base level of training for your dog. A solid foundation of obedience training can come a long way for your dog and also help you build a stronger bond with them, no matter their size!

What is the most rewarding part of training your dogs?

The most rewarding part is seeing how happy it makes them. I love training my dogs and building my bonds with them, but training is usually the highlight of their day and I enjoy making them feel that way.

Why do you think an e-collar makes a good training tool?

An e-collar makes a great training tool. It allows you to communicate with your dog in a different way and can be highly effective and efficient if used properly. INVIROX e-collar has been great!

K9 Dog E Collar

Which training techniques do you consider most effective and why?

I always resort back to the three “Fs” I learned when training a working dog: Fun, Firm, and Fair. If you remember these rules, you will be successful in training your dog (s).

What are the most common mistakes you notice pet owners making with respect to disciplining their dogs?

The most common I see is being unfair to the dog when making a correction. I see owners yell or correct behavior without the proper verbal command or tone. It confuses the dog and also the owner. Remember you can be firm but you have to be fair!

What advice would you give first time puppy/dog owners?

Be patient. Be consistent. Have fun. Dogs are the best!



Favorite quote:

“In valor, there is hope.” Tacitus

Favorite dog breed:


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