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Inspiration You Seek? Ed & Duke K9 Story

Edward J. Soares, A dear friend of INVIROX was invited for an interview with us and to be honest- We have never had such an inspirational story in our channel before, for that we want to express our gratitude to you and Duke the K9 for an amazing service & Endless contribution to so many people & Dogs out there. 

"Historically, I’ve always been the kind of cop that hasn’t really been keen on community events or public speaking and was more focused on my job of putting bad people in jail. This completely changed when Duke came into my life. Duke’s story about how he became a police K-9 is extremely unique, people are drawn to him and are genuinely inquisitive and have many questions. Add to that, Dobermans are very rare these days in law enforcement. 

Duke has brought me out of my shell, made me more approachable and talkative. I now take him weekly to many different schools in and outside of the jurisdiction of Menlo Park for “meet-and greet” visits. I tell his story and conduct drug-awareness classes for the students. It’s a win-win for everyone.  

Duke is a very kind and gentle soul and is at his best around young children and those with special needs. He has a knack for sensing their vulnerability, pain or need for unconditional love. Duke is truly an embodiment of what a K9 is supposed to be; loyal, intelligent and driven, yet kind when needed the most. He is a testament to his regal breed and to police K9’s everywhere. 

On 02/10/22, Duke was retired from the Police Department and since then we have teamed up with Operation Freedom Paws and certified as an official Therapy Dog and ambassador for Operation Freedom Paws."



Q: Why is training important to you?

I believe you never stop training. Every day you must make time to train with your partner. We can always be a better team and ensuring that you constantly train with your partner makes you a better team. 

Q: What’s the most rewarding part of training your/other people’s dog(s)?

The most rewarding part of training with Duke now that he’s a Therapy Dog is knowing in the end the training will make him ready to comfort either a victim of a violent crime, a sick or injured child or just someone that needs some love. That to me is the best part of training, knowing that it’s going to make someone feel better. 

Q: Why do you think an e-collar makes a good training tool?

I have used an e-collar since Duke was 1-year-old and find it an invaluable tool in our training for long distance recall or an immediate correction. 

Q: What challenge have you faced with your/other people’s dog? How did you overcome it?

One of the most difficult challenges is contending with some people's lack of knowledge or discrimination against some of the tools we use in our job and or training such as the e-collar or a pinch collar. Most people just don’t take the time to educate themselves on these items and rush to judge the people who use them. I find that most people after you take the time to educate them on the tool find that their view was in fact wrong. 

Q: Which dog training techniques do you consider the most effective, and why?

I find through my own training with Duke that the reward system works the best. Duke’s reward during his time in the Police Department was a toy called the “Jute ball.” Once he located the narcotics I would pay him with the “Jute ball.” This of course was his favorite toy and made the job finding narcotics fun for him. As a Therapy Dog, his reward is making people feel better and the pets and ear scratches that often come along with it. 



Q: What are the most common mistakes you notice pet owners making with respect to disciplining their dogs?

I find that a common mistake most people make is yelling or speaking to their pet as if it was a human and using way too many words to correct their pet. This being said, it’s up to you to find a method that works for you and your pet because every animal is different and responds differently to corrections. I always recommend you do your research and find a reputable dog trainer in your area to assist you with training or any ongoing discipline problems.   

Q: What advice would you give for first time puppy/dog owners?

Take the time to do the research on the puppy/dog you are going to get and make sure this breed/type of dog is going to suit you and your lifestyle is going to suit the puppy/dog. Once you have brought home your puppy/dog you have to immediately start training and providing instruction and boundaries. I also highly recommend you find a reputable dog trainer in your area to begin training. A trained dog is a happy dog. 

Q: Favorite Quote:

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke 

Q: Favorite Dog Breed:

But of course……The Doberman!!! 

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