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Jester the K-9 Heroically Catches Suspect in El Cajon

CBS 8 of San Diego is reporting the station has received new video footage of a local K-9 police dog that is certain to pull at your heartstrings.  The video shows a wounded Jester on the mend after being stabbed while catching a suspect on the run in El Cajon.

Jester to the Rescue

The drama began last week in El Cajon when local law enforcement responded to a call for help from Roanoke Road.  The call came after a man was allegedly slashing automobile tires using a butcher’s knife.  The incidents occurred in the vicinity of Cajon Valley Middle School, making the matter all the more urgent as it was in close proximity to vulnerable children.

When police arrived at the crime scene, they found nearly two dozen punctured tires.  The tire-slasher refused to drop the butcher’s knife, choosing to run away from law enforcement rather than face justice.  It is at this point that Jester the K-9 was released.  Police feared the tire-slashers would make his way into the nearby middle school so they let Jester go after the miscreant.

Jester Takes One for the Team

Jester ran after the tire-slasher as trained.  The criminal stabbed Jester’s head, just behind one of his ears.  The suspect, Rani Alrais, was subsequently arrested.  Jester was transported to the La Mesa Pet Emergency and Specialty Center.  The dog received prompt medical treatment and is now recovering from the wound.

According to Michael Murphy, a K-9 Sergeant with the department, Jester lost a considerable amount of blood.  However, the vets were able to stitch up the K-9 even while the pooch was still awake. The silver lining is that the stab did not reach the dog’s brain or any vital organs.  Rather, the wound was fairly superficial.  Vets halted the bleeding, stitched the wound and gave Jester plenty of affection.

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Sergeant Murphy’s Donation

While Jester received treatment, Sergeant Murphy spotted a couple young German Shepherds in the office for rattlesnake bite treatments.  One of the two-year-old pups was bit on the tongue.  Sergeant Murphy, who selflessly serves as the El Cajon Canine Officers Association president, provided the family with a sizable donation to offset the absurdly high cost of anti-venom vials and bloodwork.

The family that owns the two dogs was appreciative of the four-figure donation.  The money was used to treat the rattlesnake bites and cover the cost of follow-up medical work to make sure the furry friends are in good health moving forward. 

The owner of the German Shepherds, Margaret Hodges, turned to social media to express her gratitude for the generous financial gesture.  Hodges posted a lengthy writeup in which she detailed how a 5-foot rattlesnake bit her dogs and she rushed them to the La Mesa Pet Emergency Center where the El Cajon Police Department K-9 unit stepped up to the plate to help a furry friend in need. 

INVIROX K-9 Stories

Hodges updated the post days later to let everyone know her dogs are both thriving in the aftermath of the rattlesnake bites and treatment.  Though a shock collar for dogs wouldn’t have prevented this incident, dog owners should know an e-collar has the potential to correct destructive behaviors.

As for Jester the K-9, he is at home with Officer Randall Gray, his handler.  Gray believes Jester will make a complete recovery.