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K-9 Stories to Warm the Heart This Fall

The colder temperatures are arriving.  This is the perfect time to cozy up by the fire with a cup of coffee and some heartwarming reading material.  There’s nothing more uplifting than heroic stories describing the selfless service of man’s best friend.  We’ve recapped the best K-9 stories of the late summer and early fall for your reading pleasure.

Jester the Belgian Malinois K-9

A 9-year-old K-9 named Jester is in the news after suffering a stab wound while serving the greater good.  A criminal stabbed the heroic pooch in the throat this past June.  Jester took down the deviant after he charged toward an officer.  Though Jester took a nasty blow to the neck during the altercation, he is now fully rehabilitated and serving full-time on the police force.

Jester is on the cusp of a well-deserved retirement after years of service alongside his caring handler, Police Officer Randall Gray.  Our furry friend was formally honored earlier this month in a newsworthy City Council meeting within the revered El Cajon Council Chambers.


Orange County Police Dog Receives Vest

K-9 dogs are tough, determined and brave.  However, these altruistic dogs are not invincible.  A charitable organization recently donated nearly 5,000 vests, valued at nearly $7 million to K-9 dogs across the country.  In particular, a K-9 dog in Orange County, Texas will soon receive a vest that safeguards against potential knife stabbings and ammunition fired during police chases. 

The dog, K9 Phoenix, will receive the vest from Vested Interest, an organization with one mission: protecting our beloved K-9 dogs with formidable vests that can withstand the impact of multiple bullets.  We would be remiss not to mention that the National Police Association also made a sizable donation to equip the K-9 with the protective vest. 

The hope is that Vested Interest and similar organizations will eventually safeguard all of the nation’s 30,000+ K-9 dogs with protective vests.  The program also provides new vests to K-9 dogs who have been reliant upon expired, dated or tattered vests.  The rugged vests weigh about five pounds and are fully backed by warranty.

Dog Training With the E-Collar is Helping Police Forces

Everyday dog owners and police officers alike use the dog training shock collar for dogs including those made by INVIROX.  The utility and efficacy of shock collars for dogs is exemplified by the success of Oklahoma’s K-9 dogs. 

Police officers in the Sooner State recently responded to an alleged wolf sighting near a childcare center with the assistance of their K-9.  The heroic tandem discovered the supposed wolf was actually a young dog/wolf hybrid.  Police K-9s play an invaluable role in sniffing out fellow animals as well as contraband and criminals.  This is just one example of how K-9 dogs are trained with INVIROX electronic shock collars to locate and identify animals, people and objects of interest to law enforcement.

The Morris County Sheriff’s Department Welcomes a New Friend

It isn’t often that a new recruit with four legs makes it onto the police force.  The Morris County Sheriff’s department recently announced the addition of a new furry contributor in the form of a 5-month-old Labrador retriever.  The cute pup was donated to the force by none other than Grayson Guyer, a revered dog training specialist with the Winston-Salem-based Lost Highway Kennels.  Guyer’s contribution to the police force is important as he spent years training military dog handlers while working with the United States Navy. 

Guyer handpicked the K-9 dog in accordance with the department’s needs and special requests to uphold the highest standards of public service.  The department uses K-9 dogs to identify potentially explosive devices.  K-9 dogs are also relied upon to reunite lost individuals with family members.  Det. Cpl. Mike McMahon recently launched K-9 e-collar dog training sessions that will likely include the use of the INVIROX collar and additional aids for positive/negative reinforcement.