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How To Stop A Dog From Chasing

Predatory habits are another aspect of a dog's instincts, which they are unable to control. A common dog behavior problem is chasing after moving things, depending on the breed's prey drive. Apparently, your dog loves chasing cats, cars, squirrels, bicycles, kids, or any other animal or human for no apparent reason.

However, even though this is normal behavior, it can sometimes lead to dangerous consequences. A dog cannot be stopped from chasing everything completely, but you can make sure it does not result in any harm.

Dog Chasing

Dog behaviorists know that you cannot stop your pet from chasing things 100% of the time. The dog can also be desensitized to certain distractions by decreasing the need for it to chase.

  • Desensitize your pet to the environment and the daily world by socializing them. Assist your pooch in adjusting to the fact that they live in an environment that's filled with "moving things" so that they understand they are part of the environment.
  • Be sure to keep your dog on a leash (and that he is leash-trained) when your dog is outside in an environment that poses possible dangers such as cars or other animals.

S.A.C.H - INVIROX Methodology

5 - Ways to Train Your Dog

  • Training your dog to listen to obedience commands like "No", "Stay", and "Come" when called is essential. Using dog shock collar might be helpful for over-stimulated dog's. 
  • Be aware of any triggers that could trigger your dog: cats, wildlife, joggers, bicycles, or any other forms of attractive and rapidly moving distraction.

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