Dog’s Stimulation is any change that can be felt or recognized in the physiological environment of the dog that motivates the action, which we will detail below.

Over-stimulated dogs can become hyperactive and this hyperactivity presents a special set of symptoms - for example, the destruction of objects at home is often due to boredom or excess energy that can easily turn into an effective training session.

When a dog is in the stimulation phase and has already acquired a bad habit following a specific event - he will easily do it again when the situation is appropriate.

bone for dog


For example, a dog barks at the postman as he approaches the yard - if the postman is scared and stays back, the dog 'wins' the situation. The dog will feel that thanks to him the person has moved away and he has protected the house.

The dog has received positive reinforcement for his behavior and will continue to do so repeatedly because he "keeps the house safe." As dog owners, we need to empower our dogs for desirable actions while unwanted actions require a correction. But first of all we have to get our dog’s attention.

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