Dogs are constantly exposed to countless distractions throughout the day. Gaining the dog's attention to its owner is often not a simple thing, it is manifested in the simplest act of calling your dog to 'come'. The stimuli to which the dog is exposed can easily draw his attention away and do as much as he pleases in any given distraction.


 In order to fix any unwanted behavior, we will seek to understand what motivates our dog and turns his attention to us. In some cases, the dog's distraction will be easily avoided with a toy or treat, but in other more intense cases such as hunting or chasing after a random squirrel, we would want to consider the usage of a dog shock collar or clicker with a training leash. 


Those training tools' main intention is to grab the dog's attention in the pre-stimulation phase just a few moments before examining the unwanted action - Like going away from the reach of the eye or pulling the leash to check his boundaries while walking.


k9 milanois dog training

In the preliminary stage of the bad habit performed, we can get the dog's attention through simple training means, such as a clicker, a treat, a toy, or a training collar with multiple functions such as beep or vibration along with the shock portion.


In order to keep a dog attentive to commands in training- You will want to keep your dog Balanced yet Stimulated. Working with a training collar will help you get the attention needed thanks to the immediacy of such a tool. Remote training with a dog might be a very stressful experience for both owner and dog if not done right. When done the right way it's probably the most rewarding experience you can have with your dog because of the sense of Mutual Trust that is made during the process.

Trying new communication methods like shock collars and using them right is essential to strengthening the bond with your dog. Have peace of mind while unleashing your dog with 100% safety & control in the palm of your hands.

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