Performing an Correction at the very moment of an unwanted dog behavior is Critical. Consistency & good communication will help a dog embrace better behaviors . Once we have tracked the problem source or noticed an unwanted behavior- We would like to formulate a way to solve it.  

There are various ways & tools to correct undesired dog behaviors. Some are more instant and some require more time. 4 well known methods to correct dogs are: Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement, Negative Punishment and Positive punishment.

It is important to understand that there is no right way to correct a dog's behavior, each dog is unique and will react differently at the correction stage. It is not certain that what will work on one dog will work on another. For instance; A dog that destroys stuff at home will have to get a correction immediately.

Vizla puppy

'No' command in the very moment before an unwanted action is about to happen is essential- But not always help in the long-run. On a daily basis, we would like to give our furry friend a biting toy that would serve as the correction tool. That way the dog will eventually learn that he is allowed to chew only his toys.

Another example of correcting a dog's bad behavior is eating garbage from the trash can - A method of correction for such behavior could be an e-collar.

When he's getting close to the trash can and getting a vibration stimulation- He will easily link a performed action as inconvenient action in which he would like avoid- Even if the owners is not at home.

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