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Dogs Hyperactivity and Unruliness

The most common cause of excessive energy, unruliness, and hyperactivity in your dog is lack of stimulation, lack of exercise, and boredom. The level of activity a dog has depends on the type, size, age, and upbringing of the dog.

Some active breeds always feel the need to relieve their excess energy or fight boredom regardless of where they are.

Hyperactive dog

Due to the fact that every dog is unique, pet owners need to approach this fairly common dog behavior issue in a variety of ways to find the right solution:

  • Do not fall for the dog's tricks; If this behavior is not something you're comfortable with, avoid encouraging your pet's sudden energy outbursts. Instead, ignore them until they understand that what they want will not be granted.
  • Ensure sufficient exercise; Be aware of the exercise requirements of your dog's exact breed. Make sure your pooch gets plenty of exercise by walking, running and playing on a daily basis to release that pent up energy throughout the day.
  • Clicker training; Many other dog behavioral problems can also be effectively resolved with this method. Using a clicker can help calm hyperactive dogs whenever they show signs of being hyperactive, but it may not always work with them.
  • Shock Collar Training; Using an E collar will be a great addition to your training session if used right.

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  • Becka

    I know why she’s hyper I spent 4k at a trainer for her to come back worse than she was when I left her. Was trying not to use the shock collar method but it’s has come to now it’s a must so which one is best suited for her

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