INVIROX GPS Wireless Dog Fence

Safety Instructions

INVIROX Wireless dog fence


Please read this manual carefully before use! 

GPS wireless dog fence collar

Product Introduction

1. The center point and the safe radius distance are set through GPS satellite positioning, your pet can move freely within the set safe range.

pet fence collar
2. The product is designed to activate a warning tone, vibration, and static stimulation when your pet goes beyond the set distance range. Once your pet returns to the safe distance range, the product will stop any warning signals.
3.Basically, you need to train your pet on how to stop the warning triggered by the product.

What You Get

GPS collar pet containment system

Description of Buttons

Containment system by invirox

How to use dog fence collarDog fence collar

GPS Collar Charging

Please fully charge the product before use!

Contact the magnetic charging cable port with the charging port, and the product can be charged once they are adsorbed to each other.

Rechargeable dog fence collar


Dog fence collar

Function Introduction

 How to use GPS e collar for dogs

GPS fence collar

GPS collar distance

  • If you are unsure of the exact radius, you can measure it using the collar. After successfully setting the center point, simply walk to the desired boundary position. The collar will display on the screen the distance in yards from the established center point to your current location.

How to use an e collar for dogs

How the GPS collar worksHow to test the stimulation on an e collar for dogs

In automatic mode, the device will emit a warning tone when it exceeds the set radius for the first time. If the device continues to move outside the safety area or exceeds the radius for the second time, the collar will switch to level 2 activating sound, vibration, and static stimulation. To test the shock function on levels 2-6, please attach the test tool to the contact points of the device. When the static stimulation function is triggered, the test light will turn on.Dog fence collar for large dogs

① When your pet goes beyond the set safe radius distance range, the product will be triggered to work and give the first warning cycle consisting of 6 levels of tone, vibration, and static stimulation. After the 6th level, the first cycle ends, and the product enters the protection mode for 1 minute emitting sound only.

② After the end of the protection mode, if your pet has not returned to the safe area, the product will give the second cycle consisting of 6 levels of tone, vibration, and static stimulation. After the end of the 6th level of second cycle, the tone warning will continue until the battery runs out or your pet returns to the safety area.


The product will stop the correction anytime when your pet returns to the safe distance range.

Wearing Methods and PrecautionsPrecautions when training with shock collar

  • Prolonged or tight collar wearing may cause skin irritation to your dog, which must be avoided.
  • Please make sure not to let your dog wear the collar for more than 12 hours a day.
  • Try to readjust the collar position on the pet's neck every 1 to 2 hours.
  • Regularly check the collar's tightness to prevent excessive pressure.
  • Do not attach a leash to this collar, as it may cause excessive pressure on the device.
  • Clean your pet's neck area and the receiver's contact area with a damp cloth every week.
  • Check the contact area daily for signs of rash or pain.
  • Stop using the collar and seek medical attention immediately if you notice a rash or pain in your dog. If the condition persists for more than 48 hours, stop using the collar.

How to Assemble the Collar StrapHow to assemble e collar

Reference Sizes of Different DogsGPS collar Assembly


Proper training for your pet is critical for successful using the F810 Plus Outdoor Wireless Electric Fence, please read this section carefully.

Please remember that the INVIROX GPS Wireless Electronic Fence can not be an instant solid barrier, and we recommend at least 14 days of training. You can adjust our recommended training days according to your pet's learning style and learning ability.


1. If your pet shows signs of tension or stress, please slow down the training schedule and adjust the training days, or increase the time to play with your pet in the safe radius. 

2. Common stress signals include:

①The ears will twist backwards

②The tail is tucked

③The center of gravity of the body is downwards

④The back hair is raised

⑤Nervous / frantic movement or stiffening of pet’s body

3. Your pet must be completely comfortable near the Boundary Flags at the end of every training session. Actively complete each training session. Have fun with your pet throughout the training process. Training should be fun, fair, firm and consistent.

4. The duration of each exercise is 10 to 15 minutes. Don't do it too fast. More frequent short training is better than less frequent long training.

5. Even you think your pet responds well to the training, please complete the whole training. Strengthening is very important!

6. Remove the Receiver Collar after each training session.

7. Be sure to contain your pet by another means during the training period.(Add a collar, leash, etc)

8. During training, if you need to take your pet out of the safe radius distance zone, please remove the collar and bring your pet with you, or leave it in the car out of the safe radius distance zone.


Step 1: Prepare the INVIROX GPS collar with a pair of long and short static probe posts.

If your pet is a short haired pet, please use a short static probe. For long haired or thick haired pets, please use a long static probe (the hair at the static contact point can also be properly trimmed). Please tighten the static probe according to the installation method in this manual. 

How to start dog fence training

 Step 2: Set the positioning center point and set the safe radius range

Dog containment device

sdv It is necessary to use INVIROX GPS Collar to locate the center point for the first time. Please press and hold the positioning function button when the screen is lit. The display screen displays the positioning icon and "000" to indicate that the positioning is successful. (Please ensure that the signal strength is greater than or equal to 3. If there is no positioning icon and "000", it means that positioning is fail.)

fddfPlease click the positioning function button again after successful positioning. Press the up / down button to adjust to the required safe radius distance (33-999 yards) when the distance icon and the distance number are flashing on the screen . After 5 seconds of no operation, the distance will be automatically confirmed, or click the positioning function button to confirm manually.

How to set GPS collar for dogs

After setting the center point and the maximum radius distance of 999 yards, please leave the center point and move to the border where you want to stop. At this time, the distance yards between the current position and the center point will be displayed on the screen, which is the most reasonable safety radius distance. 

Step 3: Place Boundary Flags


How to contain a dog in the yard


  1. Please set up a separate collar belt on your pet's neck, and tie a traction rope.
  2. The traction rope cannot be put on the INVIROX GPS Collar, so make sure that the collar will not be subjected to other external pressure.
  3. Bring tiny pieces of treats that your pet will find desirable available (dried meat, hot dogs, etc.)

Common mistakes when using an e collar fence training

Stage 1: Train the dog’s border awareness (Day 1-3)

The training days are three days in total, three times a day, each lasting 10-15 minutes. Training objective: Make your pet aware of the border signs of the collar and sound warnings to define a New pet safe activity area.

How to start containment training your dog

Setting: Set the INVIROX GPS Collar to vibrate automatically. 


Training Steps:

1.Lead your pet to the safe radius area with a traction rope and talk to your pet to praise its behavior(A1)

2.Please fully control your pet with the traction rope and take it to the flag representing the distance between the safety radius and the border. When the pet leaves the safe radius area, the INVIROX GPS Collar starts sounding. Let your pet stay for 3 seconds, then take it back to the safe radius(A2). (when your pet returns to the safe radius, please praise him for his good work immediately.)

3. Repeat this process on the same boundary sign until your pet actively refuses to go outside the safe radius area.(Note: In automatic mode, the intensity of the trigger increases with the number of triggers. For example, the first round trigger is a level 1 warning, and the second round trigger is a level 2 warning)

4. Continue to repeat the training around 3 to 4 border flags and make the process fun! If your pet retreats quickly or refuses to enter the boundary area, offer praise and treats as a reward.

Stage 2: Train the dog’s border awareness(Day 4-6)

The training days are three days in total, three times a day, each lasting 10-15 minutes. Training objective: Train your pet to stay in fenced areas and respect boundaries. 
Setting: Set the INVIROX GPS Collar mode to Auto Static mode.
INVIROX dog fence collar
Training Steps:
  1. Repeat steps 1-4 in Stage 1.
  2. Notice the pet's slight reactions at first, such as lifting its ears, turning its head, and looking at the ground.
  3. Stay on the same flag until your pet refuses to enter the boundary area.

Stage 3: Distraction stage (Day 7-9)

The training days are three days in total, three times a day, each lasting 10-15 minutes.
Training objective: Train your pet to stay in the safe radius range area and have distractions outside the safe radius range area.
Create distractions to tempt your pet to enter the
Boundary Zone, such as:
Setting: According to the response results from day 4 to day 6, the time the pet stays in the boundary area can be adjusted appropriately by continuing the training using the Static/Vibrate mode (the intensity increases with the increase of the stay time).
Create distractions to tempt your pet to enter the Boundary Zone, such as:
How to train your dog to stay in the garden
1. Completely control your pet with the traction rope, so that you can distract.
2. If your pet doesn't divert attention, praise and offer rewards.
3. If your pet really reacts to distraction, let it enter the border area.
4. If your pet does not turn back after 3 seconds, please help him return to the safe radius.
5. Whenever the pet returns to the safe radius, no matter whether you help it or not, treat and praise your pet well.
6. If you do not use other interfering factors, please repeat this process and use other family members in this process.
7.If the static stimulation is working properly, but your pet does not respond to static, stay in the boundary area a little longer and wait for a level 5 or 6. 

Stage 4: Supervision and Inspection (Day 10-14)

Training time should be increased from 10-15 minutes to over 1 hour for each day. Please train your pet to clearly avoid the entire boundary area, regardless of any distractions or temptations. This step requires someone to be present. Training objective: Free your pet from restraints and allow it to move/play/run freely in a safe radius distance zone.
Setting: Adjust the F810 Plus collar to fit your pet based on the first 9 days of training (You can use vibration mode If the pet is no longer outside the boundary area.)
INVIROX Containment systems for dogs
1. Please let your pet wear INVIROX GPS Collar to enter the safety radius (no collar or traction rope is required).
2. Walk around the yard and play with your pet, staying within the safe radius range area at all times.
Setting: Adjust the INVIROX GPS Collar to fit your pet based on the first 9 days of training (You can use vibration mode If the pet is no longer outside the boundary area.) 10
3. While watching your pet in the yard, you can also do other things. Just check your pet regularly to prevent it from escaping.
4. You can strengthen the training if your pet escapes multiple times.

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