INVIROX Dog Training Gear
As a military veterans we have participated in countless operations with our dogs, including rescuing casualties in the 9/11 attack.
Our childhood experiences of being surrounded by dogs & Our deep love to them has made us join the dog's commando unit in which has led us to establish this amazing business. INVIROX strives to provide the ultimate dog training gear & service across the world. We will shoot for the moon to help each of our customers become a satisfied dog owner.
Our Vision:

We at INVIROX believe every dog owner deserves an access to high-end dog training gear at affordable priceAfter a year of testing in lab & field during our service, we are confident you will reach your dog's training goals using the INVIROX e collar in no time!

We are delightful to introduce our high-end product line & We've just started! INVIROX is proud to be at service of more than 50,000 satisfied dog owners across the US. Providing the most flexible & Professional dog training gear yet at affordable price- will always be in our top priority.

Story Of Invention:

As a commando dogs unit veterans- we worked with hundreds of dogs on a daily routine.  Our dogs had to learn the most complex commands to join us for any army mission that came along the way.
Educating those dogs was a challenging task.

Even though we had the best tools at our disposal. The ordinary person would not have those tools available. Therefore, we at INVIROX have decided to develop a highly professional product that is accessible to all dog owners. INVIROX E collar will serve you in a new age of communication with your furry friend.

Always remember, the very first step in educating our beloved ones has to begin with understanding their needs & natural behavior. Only then can we give them the right treatment which fits those needs - and always with love

Customer Service:
You have any question or hesitation? You got our back! 
Please give us the chance to help you by reaching out to our customer support at: Support@INVIROX.com Or in WhatsApp chat at: 512-806-7945
We are super responsive! Be our guest.