How Do I Stop Dog Barking?

Dogs bark for many different reasons and it is a natural way for them to communicate. Barking by itself is not a problem behavior in dogs. Dogs bark for many reasons, and some of them may be useful for you as an owner.

In order to warn you of a potential intruder lurking in the backyard, you might want your dog to bark. Excessive barking becomes real problematic behavior when your dog continues to bark constantly and consistently without any reasonable reason (Clear to you) to do so.

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Training your dog new habits, redirecting him, and training obedience are all effective methods in this situation. Identifying the cause and the situations that make your dog bark is the first step to solving unwanted and excessive barking in your dog. Once you determine the causes, try to eliminate them first.

S.A.C.H - INVIROX Methodology

How To Train Your Dog By Yourself

Teach your dog to respond appropriately to those situations, as well as desensitize the dog to those specific triggers. As an example, if your dog barks every time someone comes to the door, you can teach him to bark a few times, and then wait quietly by the door to see who comes.

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  • Tom Cromyak

    Only one of my two dogs has this issue and he is my rescue, I have found out he was not corrected in the right way before coming to us he basically was abused, so he is slowly coming around at 8 months old he wasn’t able to run he was left out to go to the bathroom and put back in his crate that is not for these dogs they love to run and play now, it is a work in progress but he is getting better, I am looking for new training collars the ones I have are starting to go and I don’t want to go without them as it is more for their protection at this point for those days when they want to test me they are better off the leash than on a leash not saying they are bad on a leash but you can see them go into protect mode when I put them on the leash until they realize it is to protect them not me.

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