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Supporting Lordosis, Kyphosis & Scoliosis in Dogs Back

Dogs back can suffer from the same abnormal conditions of the spinal column – lordosis, kyphosis, and scoliosis – as humans can. While these conditions can benefit from surgery and chiropractic adjustments, a dog learns to live with its disability. A good dog owner will provide the support and treatment that a dog back needs. Unfortunately, these spinal column conditions can all involve pain for the dog.

A dog’s veterinarian will provide a treatment plan for the dog owner, advising on surgery, chiropractic adjustments, and medication. But a loving dog owner can do more to help their dog, including providing their dog with a luxury pet bed that helps them to rest and sleep better.

Dogs Vetrinarians treatment

Weight loss is also another consideration. For every pound of weight gained, five pounds of pressure are exerted against a dog’s vertebra. This is even more serious in smaller dog breeds. An overweight dog should be placed onto a good weight loss plan to help ease the pressure and pain of a dog’s spinal condition.

Dogs should also have a secure home. Rugs and mats should be put away so a dog doesn’t trip over them. A dog pillow should be the right size, not too small and not too large for their type of breed. If a dog is a larger breed, they need a large pet bed.

Even the type of pet bed can affect a dog’s spine. It’s important for a dog to have more to sleep on than the floor or a blanket tossed down. There are many of the best dog beds made from memory foam that will help to provide comfort and sleep to a distressed dog.

The best memory foam pet beds will help a dog to relax and fall asleep easily. They’ll help keep a dog’s spine in perfect alignment to help encourage healing and to decrease pain. Any professional vet will advise for a memory foam dog sofa as it is the ultimate solution to support your dog's spine and neck.

A dog back with an abnormal spinal growth condition doesn’t have to suffer in pain. It’s important for a dog to have regular checkups and a good treatment plan. A good memory foam pet bed will also make your dog feel happier and more comfortable in his whole new kingdom.



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