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Instant Correction To Dogs Behavior

Instant Correction To Dogs Behavior

an interview with Caleb Ballew

How well does your dog behave? How do you introduce an e-collar to a dog and is it ever too late to start training a dog?

If your dog still barks at the mailman, or not being friendly to other dogs when you take them for a walk, that only means you can use some dog training tips. Learning how to fix a dog’s behavior is not an easy task, as a pet parent, we want to ensure our dogs receive the best training that will turn them into a loyal, good canine citizen. Puppies grow into big dogs and therefore it is crucial to make sure you have full control of them with a proper training, and to avoid any destructive behavior. Sure, teaching from an early stage may be the best training a dog can get but with the right training methods, even older dogs can use some training, it’s all a matter of a getting a good dog trainer.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Caleb Ballew, a professional dog trainer from Harvest, Alabama, to gain insights into how our dogs can benefit from a good, well-rounded training.



Q: What got you interested in becoming a dog trainer?

Rescue work. Through fostering and networking I saw that one of the reasons for homeless and unwanted dogs was a lack of training. There are so many great dogs out there that are given up just because they don't know what's expected of them.

Q: Why do you think training is important, regardless of the size of your dog?

Dogs should be a source of joy in your life. I don't want to come home after work and dread spending time with my dogs. An untrained dog that's 2 pounds is 100 pounds can make your life miserable if there always doing things you find undesirable.

It's also very important for their safety. When a dog decides to bolt out of the front door into traffic it doesn’t matter what their size is. The end result could be the same.

Q: How do you handle bigger dogs that are prone to aggressive behaviors?

 Slowly and purposefully. You have to have a plan in place prior to starting and a back-up for when that one doesn’t work. Aggression requires strict boundaries that requires quick decision and even quicker reactions. That is where the INVIROX system shines. The ability to deliver instant correction for unwanted behavior. With aggression nothing small can be allowed to slip by.

Q: Which dog training techniques do you consider the most effective, and why?

It's dog dependent. I use reward-based to build behaviors and then the E-collar to reinforce them.
When you build a relationship with your dog based on clear boundaries and expectations that is when you really succeed. Dogs don't need to guess what they’re supposed to do. They need to know what-to-do.

Q: What are the most common mistakes you notice pet owners making with respect to disciplining their dogs?

Missing the opportunity. We all rush to reward good behavior but tend to be slower on the correction part. Again, with the E-collar, you have the ability to instantly correct from across the yard.
Consistency. You have to be firm and fair. The more undesirable behavior you allow, the more you will get. If you correct for counter surfing today, then you can't allow it tomorrow.

Caleb Ballew is a professional dog trainer.

Think your dog need a good training?

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