K9 Dogs are Making Headlines - April 2022

Search the web for “K9” and you won’t have any trouble finding a plethora of heartwarming stories about how K9 dogs are making the world a better place. 
In fact, Netflix has gone as far as creating an original film titled, Rescued by Ruby, in which a state trooper pursues his dream of becoming a part of a K9 unit. 
The pup in the film, Ruby, steals the show.  Making Rescued by Ruby even more intriguing is the fact that it is based on a true story.  The film stars Grant Gustin, Kaylah Zander and Scott Wolf.


Let’s take a quick look at some other K9 news stories of note. 

Rupert’s Electronic Detection K9 is a First

As originally reported by KTVB7 reporter, Andrew Baertlein, police in Rupert, Idaho are now using an electronic detection K9.  This is a monumental accomplishment as it is the first electronic detection K9 in the state’s history.  The dog, dubbed “K9 Newton”, is one of nearly 70 in the nation specially trained to help police officers in the context of pinpointing the location of devices used for digital storage.  K9 Newton made quite the splash when visiting the Idaho Statehouse earlier this year. 

K9 Newton’s role in assisting police is unique as he won’t spend his time sniffing for illegal drugs.  Rather, the dog is specially trained to identify a chemical used for making digital storage technology such as smartphones, USB sticks and computer hard drives.  As an example, K9 Newton will assist police in finding smartphones and other pieces of digital evidence amidst messy homes and other crime scenes. 

It is particularly interesting to note that Operation Underground Railroad, a business based in Utah that helps police enforcement, provided full funding for the program that made Newton available to Rupert police.  As of the time of this publication, the Labrador has provided Rupert police with assistance three times.  The dog has successfully identified digital devices in each effort, pinpointing their location in mere minutes when it would have taken police officers hours to conduct a manual search. 

The enhanced efficiency provided by K9 Newton ultimately saves taxpayers that much more money and also liberates police to work on other crimes and law enforcement rather than investing hour after hour looking for digital storage devices.  The dog will even facilitate the search for digital devices used for child pornography and child exploitation purposes.  In short, if there is a Rupert crime in which digital devices are likely to be involved, the K9 will play an important role.  Rupert police expect Newton to serve the department for the next half-decade or even longer.

K9 Finds More than $10 Million of Cocaine

A K9 working alongside police in Las Vegas is in the news for alerting law enforcement to more than $10 million of cocaine. 

The story was first reported by David Charns for Fox 31. The drugs in question were concealed within a truck containing produce. 

Law enforcers stopped the truck driver in the early morning hours earlier this month after observing him driving erratically.  The driver’s story was nonsensical, prompting police to summon K9 Officer Nuggetz.  Nuggetz did his job admirably, quickly alerting his fellow police officers to the fact that the produce truck contained drugs.  The odor of the cocaine caused Nuggetz to quickly react, ultimately helping police officers pinpoint the exact location of more than 200 pounds of drugs mixed down deep in the produce.  To be more specific, Nuggetz found the cocaine within a massive load of fresh tomatoes. 

Las Vegas police K9

The end result of Nuggetz’ effort was the arrest of Chandra Prakash and Nanak Singh.  The two truck drivers were formally charged with trafficking a controlled substance.  Search for “Nuggetz” or “K9 Las Vegas” on Facebook as well as other social media sites and you will find the dog is being celebrated for his heroic efforts by the residents of sin city and others elsewhere. 


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Stay tuned as additional stories about K9s assisting police in their effort to enforce the law and nab criminals will surely surface in the weeks and months ahead.