Forming a new habit in dogs requires consistency and patience. Correcting undesired behavior and turn it into good dog action- Has to be done over & over while using same methodology, Tonation, Words & of course Correction tools such as; Dog treats, Clickers, Toys or Dog Training Collar in order to empower he's actions we will want to keep a dog stimulated towards the good behaviors in which we want to praise and reward in certain ways.


Turning a desired action into habit in dogs is crucial to obtain for any dog owner out there.  Practice Make Perfect. Any action is correctable. The more we adhere to the new habit and the reward for it, the more the dog will pursue to perform the desired action over time.

Huskey puppy

Later on training sessions we will notice our dog has completely embraced the new habit and we will reduce the repetition of practice for that action. But will continue to remind our dog those habits when it's appropriate.  

Practice with a dog's desired actions is crucial as he might test his boundaries from time to time - and get back to form that old bad habit.

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