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7 Crucial Tips for E-collar Training for Dogs

Training a dog with an e-collar isn’t nearly as difficult as most people imagine.  Whether you are adopting an adult dog from a local shelter or welcoming a puppy into your home, you’ll find a shock collar for dogs makes it that much easier to correct misbehavior in surprisingly little time. 

Give the Invirox dog training collar a try and you’ll bring out the best in your furry friend without causing pain or trauma.  However, there is an art to using a shock collar for dogs the right way.  Follow the dog training collar tips detailed below and you’ll soon enjoy the company of a well-behaved dog who treats you, your family, friends and strangers with respect and love.

Tip #1: Mind the E-collar Fit

The nuances of the e-collar’s fit are essential to training success.  A shock collar for dogs that is perfectly positioned and at the optimal tightness will impart a carefully calibrated vibration to correct improper behavior.  Take some time to ensure the dog training collar is taught around your pooch’s neck yet not overly-tight.  It is also a mistake to err on the side of a loose collar as there is a chance that a collar lacking in tautness will create an opportunity for your furry friend to wiggle free and avoid negative reinforcement. 

Test the Invirox shock collar for dogs at varying levels of tautness to get a sense as to how your dog reacts.  If you sense that the shock level is too strong, lower the intensity and/or reduce the tautness of the collar for optimal comfort.  Continue adjusting the e-collar until you achieve the perfect fit and keep the e-collar at that tautness level moving forward.  In general, the right fit allows for a finger or two to fit between the e-collar and the fur.

Tip #2: Give the Dog Some Time to Adjust

The introduction of an Invirox e-collar for dogs will require a brief period of adjustment.  After all, the shock collar is a foreign object that your dog views as an intrusion.  Instead of immediately shocking your dog after fitting the collar onto his or her neck, wait until your pooch is comfortable with the presence of the collar.  Wearing the e-collar will become second nature in due time. 

Let your furry friend become accustomed to the feeling of the collar, start off with a low vibration setting and gradually increase the setting until it properly corrects the misbehavior.  If necessary, give your dog a full week or two to get used to the feel of the collar.  Start out by leaving the collar on for a couple hours per day, gradually increase the length of time the collar remains on the neck and your fur buddy will eventually view it as part of his or her identity as opposed to a foreign object.

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Tip #3: Gradually Heighten the Intensity Level

A shock collar for dog will make the intended impact at the proper vibration setting.  Instead of starting out at the highest possible vibration level, start out at a low level.  Get a sense of how your dog reacts to a low level of stimulation to correct unacceptable behavior and proceed accordingly.  Increase the vibration level until it is perfectly clear that the misbehavior is not acceptable.  If your pooch continues to misbehave after becoming accustomed to the elevated shock level, slightly increase the intensity.  However, it is a mistake to ramp up the shock level to the point that it causes significant pain.

 Remember, the point of the INVIROX  e-collar for dogs is to correct unacceptable behavior as opposed to causing pain that traumatizes the animal.  Continue to correct misbehavior accordingly, alter the vibration/shock level as required and it won’t take long to bring out the best in your dog.  Above all, be sure to reinforce learned training before pivoting to new training routines so your pooch remembers what constitutes learned and acceptable behavior.

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Tip #4: Correct Barking in Addition to Misbehavior

There is a common misconception that e-collars for dogs are only effective for correcting problematic nonverbal behavior.  However, a dog that barks incessantly or at a loud volume when even slightly agitated by a minor annoyance is just as problematic as a dog that misbehaves through nonverbal actions.  Even if you don’t mind loud or frequent barking, your spouse, kids, neighbors and others in the community might severely dislike such vocal annoyance. 


Use the shock collar as necessary to negatively reinforce barking and your fur buddy will quickly learn that frequent or excessively loud audible responses to stimuli are unacceptable.  Furthermore, it is also in your interest to provide positive reinforcement after your dog remains quiet in the presence of other dogs, people and forms of stimulation.  Use the shock collar for dogs along with treats for positive reinforcement as necessary and it won’t take long for your dog to minimize barking.

Tip #5: Study the E-Collar Before Use

It wasn’t long ago when the vast majority of consumer products were accompanied by tangible paper instruction manuals written in clear English.  Though many such printed materials have been transformed into downloadable digital documents, some of which are written in broken English in the never-ending quest to cut costs, the INVIROX collar is different. 

Read through the INVIROX shock collar for dogs instructions and you’ll find they are crystal clear.  Take mental notes as you learn about the INVIROX  collar, implement what you’ve learned when using the e-collar and you’ll make the most of this invaluable dog training tool.

Tip #6: Use the E-Collar as Soon as Possible

Though it is difficult to correct learned behaviors in older dogs adopted from shelters, it is still possible to teach them how to behave properly.  However, if possible, start using the INVIROX e-collar when your dog is young.  Address misbehavior during the dog’s formative years, correct faulty behaviors without delay and you’ll successfully engrain desired habits into your pooch for truly invaluable long-term dividends.

Tip #7: Don’t be Afraid to Establish Dominance!

If you are like most dog owners, you are slightly hesitant to shock your dog or even respond to negative behavior with the use of vibration or even a beeping noise as your dog is your bundle of joy.  However, the failure to quickly correct improper behavior will lead to significant problems for you, your dog, your family, other dogs and possibly even strangers who cross paths with your pooch in public. 

Embrace your role as an authority figure, use the INVIROX e-collar accordingly and you’ll successfully teach your dog that certain behaviors are unacceptable.  Strategically use the INVIROX shock collar for dogs right off the bat and you’ll shape your dog’s behavior as desired, paving a path toward a mutually beneficial temperament.

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