Dog pulling on leash

How To Stop Dog's Pulling On Leash

It is vital for pet owners to be able to walk a dog calmly on a leash. However, if your dog pulls on the leash, before you take any action, you should understand that dogs are not deliberately pulling.

They don't know how to walk on a leash like you want them to. You can solve the problem simply by teaching your dog how to do so.

Consider purchasing a no-pull harness to prevent your dog from injuring itself when he pulls. Do frequent walking sessions with your dog on a leash and harness.

Dog pulling on leash

Shorten these walks and keep them enjoyable for your dog. You should never allow your dog to do something you don't want him to do when training against leash pulling. Leashes for dogs should be kept short, but loose enough not to hurt them.

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Positive reinforcement and a variety of tasty dog treats are two of the best ways to train your dog to walk alongside you. Additionally, you can jog with your dog on a leash and walk at a faster pace. If you use any of these methods, your dog will eventually learn where you expect him to be while on a leash.

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