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5 Pet Insurance Providers That You Must Know

Do you own a pet or are you considering adding a furry friend to your family? 

If so, it is time to research pet insurance providers, grooming, an INVIROX dog training collar and obedience classes.  Accept all the help you can get, whether it is in the form of INVIROX, professional training or assistance from fellow dog lovers and it won’t take long to make your pet feel as though he or she is a legitimate member of the family.

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Like most pet owners, you are likely wondering what pet insurance is the best and whether it is worth the money.  We’ve done the work for you.  Here’s a quick look at some of the industry’s top insurance providers that offer affordable health care coverage for dogs, cats and other pets.  The focus of the insurance providers for the purposes of this content is on those that primarily serve dogs and cats.

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1. Many Pets Insurance

Many Pets has been in business for a full decade.  The company provides financial reimbursement for pets’ covered conditions.  There is no medical exam necessary to enroll your pet in Many Pets health insurance coverage.  Many Pets makes it easy to interact with a veterinarian, providing ‘round the clock access to virtual vets through online consultations.  Though the company has only been operation in the United States for a year, it has a long track record of success in Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

Featuring expansive coverage along with reasonably priced premiums, Many Pets provides value and an invaluable peace of mind.  As an example, Many Pets policy coverage typically applies to everything from exams to treatment for hereditary conditions, prescription medications, beaks, cancer, digestion issues, diagnostics and more.

2. Figo Pet Insurance

Figo provides illness, accident and wellness coverage for pets.  With rates starting in the high $30s per month for dogs and under $30 for cats, Figo is competitively priced.  The company’s max yearly coverage is $5,000 and even all the way up to unlimited has deductibles in the $100 to $750 range.  Insurance coverage through Figo Pet Insurance is limited to dogs and cats. 

Figo is comparably comprehensive in terms of coverage applicability, beats out the competition in regard to reimbursement for covered expenses and even provides the opportunity to customize plan coverage for various components of wellness care in addition to vet exams.  However, similar to other forms of coverage, preventative dental care, preexisting conditions, routine wellness and elective procedures are not included in basic coverage unless purchased through a separate rider. 

Every potential Figo customer should be aware that the company requires that customers pay for vet bills and later file for financial reimbursement by way of the Figo Pet Cloud app used on mobile devices.  Customers can also seek reimbursement via email or by good old-fashioned fax.  Figo attempts to reimburse customer payment requests within 10 business days or less.

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3. Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace provides pet insurance with a diminishing deductible.  The deductible of $50 diminishes each year that a claim payment is not received.  As long as your pet is healthy for a couple years or simply does not require any type of medical treatment, you’ll gradually reduce your out of pocket payment thanks to the diminishing deductible.

Insurance plans include accident-only and accident and illness policies along with optional wellness coverage.  The coverage is applicable to pre-existing conditions that are symptom-free for a year’s time though potential customers are advised to check with the company before agreeing to contractual terms.  To be more specific, Embrace makes a distinction between curable pre-existing conditions and those that are incurable. 

Opt for Embrace and you’ll do business with a company that sold its initial insurance policy way back in 2006, meaning Embrace has been in business for nearly 20 years.  Part of the appeal of choosing Embrace is the fact that its exclusive focus is pet insurance, meaning its internal team won’t divide its attention to other business matters aside from pet insurance clients. Take advantage of the company’s no-cost medical history review after enrollment and you’ll move forward in full confidence, knowing your pet’s health is exactly as stated in the enrollment paperwork.

4. Pumpkin Pet Insurance

If your pet is ill, old, in poor health or likely to need assistance from a veterinarian at a high frequency, any old insurance policy will not suffice.  Instead, be proactive, recognize the fact that a high frequency of vet visits might be necessary and choose a pet insurance plan that reflects that reality.  In particular, Pumpkin pet insurance is ideal for pets that require vet visits once every couple months or even more frequently.

Pumpkin pet insurance is applicable to wellness, illness and accidents.  However, the downside to Pumpkin is its monthly rate is fairly high, especially for dogs.  Monthly pet insurance for dogs through Pumpkin runs a little more than $72 per month.  Cat owners will find their monthly premium is about half that amount, coming in at $31 per month per feline friend.  The maximum annual coverage available through Pumpkin is $20,000.  Deductibles range from $100 to $500.  Pet health insurance coverage is limited to dogs and cats.

Though Pumpkin is a relatively new entrant into the pet health insurance space, the company deserves credit for its wide range of coverage and willingness to schedule vet visits at high frequencies.  Pumpkin provides financial reimbursement for several conditions that other pet insurers would deny.  From parasite infections to dental disease, behavioral problems, hereditary issues and beyond, Pumpkin provides reimbursement for a plethora of pet health issues.  As long as you don’t mind paying a steep monthly premium, you’ll enjoy high-quality pet health insurance coverage with a comparably high max yearly coverage.

Pumpkin provides reimbursement for cats and dogs.  Pet owners have their choice of a yearly deductible of $500, $250 or $100.  A lower deductible increases the monthly bills all the more.  Furthermore, it must be noted preexisting pet health conditions are not covered through Pumpkin coverage plans.  The company is willing to cover curable conditions if the dog or cat is treatment and symptom-free for half a year.  It is also interesting to note that Pumpkin does not cover neutering or spaying.  However, the company deserves credit for offering a generous 10% sign on bonus for each additional pet a client enrolls in Pumpkin health care coverage.

5. Spot Pet Insurance

If you are looking for an expansive selection of yearly limits, look no further than Spot.  Spot provides health insurance plans for pets that include illness and accident or even optional coverage strictly for wellness.  The company does not require lifetime caps or limits per incident.  Though Spot doesn’t have as long of a track record of success serving pet owners, their policies are legitimate thanks to underwriting provided by the United States Fire Insurance Company, an organization with a history dating all the way back to 1822. 

Spot’s choices of yearly limits for benefits available to the proud owners of pets range from a couple thousand dollars and move on upward in increments all the way up to $10,000 or even higher. Spot also deserves credit for empowering customers to custom-tailor their deductible along with the rate for reimbursement to their liking.