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World Games Receive a Helping Paw From K-9s

K-9 dogs are changing the world in interesting ways, some of which might not be believable if presented in the form of a Hollywood script.  K-9 dogs trained with the E-collar shock collar for dogs are used for the public good by police departments across the country and beyond.  However, K-9s also provide much-needed utility in other contexts including large events such as the World Games.  These furry friends are making the World Games a safer place for participants, spectators and others.

K9s helping to keep the World Games safe

A World Games That is Safe for Everyone

The World Games 2022 was pulled off without a hitch, partially because of the reassuring presence of K-9 dogs.  These friendly protectors, each equipped with a dog training collar throughout a lengthy period of behavioral instruction, helped to police the event from beginning to end.  The dogs did their job to perfection as no disturbances occurred at the event.

Local law enforcement monitored activity in and around the World Games, using K-9 dogs to sniff for indications of bombs, contraband and other threats.  As some readers are aware, K-9 dogs are used for police and security purposes as they have a stronger sense of smell than most other animals.  K-9 dogs can pick up on scents that other animals would not notice. 

Aside from contraband, K-9 dogs also detect explosive devices based on scent.  According to Lieutenant Kerry Morgan of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the best way to identify the presence of explosives is to have a dog sniff the area.  This is precisely why K-9s are so helpful in the context of large-scale get-togethers such as the World Games. 

K-9 Dogs are Becoming Ubiquitous

Fast forward a couple years into the future and the police department near you will likely have one or several K-9s.  In fact, your local police department might already have such a furry friend.  K-9 dogs are also helpful for sniffing luggage and other packages at travel checkpoints where both people and automobiles are inspected.  Everything from cars to delivery trucks and tired travelers are sniffed by these friendly pooches to benefit the public good. 

These intelligent dogs identify the scent of ammunition, handguns, explosives and drugs.  Though some such fur buddies work upwards of 16 hours per day, the contribution isn’t too taxing considering the time is spent in the presence of a friendly human handler.

K-9s are particularly effective at performing sweeps prior to public events to guarantee the premises is completely safe.  The dogs are also used to perform spot checks throughout the day to provide attendees, vendors, speakers and others with a truly invaluable peace of mind.    If the dogs pick up on any signs of potential harm, the bag, box, person or other item will be analyzed by bomb technicians.  These technicians analyze items in-depth, going to the extent of x-raying them before clearing them and transitioning to the next threat.

Be Kind to Your Local K-9

If you spot a K-9 dog out and about serving the public, say hello, interact with his or her officer, heap on the admiration and relish the event.  K-9s are selfless animals willing to sacrifice their well-being for their handlers as well as the rest of the caring members of police departments and the public as a whole. 

Take a look around the next time you are at a public event and you just might spot one or several K-9 dogs with their handlers, making the space that much safer for everyone including you, your loved ones and other valued members of the local community. 

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the contributions made by K-9 dogs is the fact that their behavior, demeanor and reactions are all partially shaped by the use of shock collars for dogs.  Consider the merits of a dog training collar for your furry friend and you’ll find your dog behaves better both inside and outside of the house.

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