INVIROX dog training collar 2024 edition
INVIROX dog shock collar 2024 edition
INVIROX Dog Training Collar - 2024 Edition
INVIROX Dog Training Collar - 2024 Edition
Best e collar for dogs
best dog training collar
invirox e collar for dogs
INVIROX Dog Training Collar - 2024 Edition
best dog training collar in the us
INVIROX Dog Training Collar - 2024 Edition

INVIROX Dog Training Collar - 2024 Edition

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  • Professional Dog Shock Collar: Exclusive remote design featuring 123 training levels, beep (1-8) vibration (1-16) and shock mode (1-99). INVIROX Dog shock collar allows you to adjust the stimulation to a level that is best suited to gently communicate with your furry friend.
  • Safe Dog Training Collar: Decrease accidental shock by sliding the security keypad lock to prevent maloperation. Carry the remote training collar for dogs anywhere you go, safely.
  • Up to 3350ft range performance: Shock collar for medium dogs enables training your dog in any conditions, In the park, backyard, beach, open field or anywhere else.
  • 100% Waterproof: Training collar for dogs Our lightweight 49g dog shock collar with remote is equipped with a fully waterproof receiver. The E collar can serve as a bark collar.
  • Suitable: For 8lbs~110lbs size dogs. Perfect fit shock collar for large dogs and 6 months babies.
  • Long Battery Life: Rechargeable dog training collar with remote lasts up to 45 days & the shock collar with up to 15 days operation per single charge.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: 1 year warranty.

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Commando Dogs Unit Veterans


Thank You For Choosing INVIROX!
INVIROX is a veteran-owned business. Our childhood experiences of being surrounded by dogs & Our deep love to them has made us join the dog's commando unit which has led us to establish this amazing business.

We have worked with hundreds of dogs on a daily routine. Our dogs had to learn top complex commands to join us for any army mission that came along the way. Educating those dogs was a challenging task. Even though we had the best tools at our disposal. The ordinary person would not have those tools available.

INVIROX is proud to serve more than 100,000 satisfied dog owners across the US!

Providing the most flexible & Professional dog training gear yet at an affordable price- will always be our top priority.

With an INVIROX training collar you will reach your dog’s training goals in no-time!


Always remember, the very first step in educating our beloved ones has to begin with understanding their needs & natural behavior.

Only then can we give them the right treatment which fits those needs - and always with love

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
John George
Best customer service

Absolutely love this company. Besides the fact that the remote is extremely intuitive and this collar is just absolutely fantastic, they have the best customer service of almost any company I know. Period they are the Nordstrom‘s, or the Costco dog collars. I do wish that my collar had a light for the night so I wouldn’t have to have a separate led collar.
Besides that, I love my collar. :)

Zoe Woodhead
Great collar

Love this collar as a training aid. Simple and easy to use. My only suggestion would be to move away from the fabric collar and provide the bungee tie collar as standard as this is much better and secures the collar in place

Ellen Kelley
Rescue dog with challenges

We have two rescue dogs, they are both very protective of us and our home. They also have some habits that we tried everything to change, such as barking, aggressively charging the French when other walk by, talking back when disciplined and such. We bought just one collar to see how the worst behaved of the two would respond to the correction these collars provide. It has done wonders to adjust her behavior in a positive way. We started out with just the beep, if no response, then a vibration, whiched usually resulted in a correct response to her behavior. We have unfortunately, had to use the shock on the collar a couple of times, mind it is set very low, on 10, but she has responded and halted the behavior after one shock. The difference this collar has made in our dog is very pleasant. We just purchased our second to see how our other dog will respond to the correction these collars provide. The price is very reasonable for the product quality and variability.

Peggy Goodine
Training collar

A great training collar to have it’s not something that will hurt the dog just get its attention A++++

Works great

This is a very nice collar. It works great for training your dog. Great customer service! Fast shipping!



" Top of the line training collar!

Well designed, reliable, and above average construction make this one of the best collars that I’ve owned in recent years "


" Very easy to use and works!

Gave her an out command, waited 1 second, then hit the audible beep. She instinctively dropped the ball. Yay, progress "

Amazon customer

" Love it so much I bought another one! The remote is small but fits nicely in the hand and pocket "

J. Campbell

" Great purchase!

He Instantly responded to vibration and tones almost immediately .. , we live in a rural area and when a deer entered our area , the vibration did nothing , of course , but the shock set at 5 got an immediate response and he returned to us right away , perfection and have told friends to buy, Great product "


This has been absolutely amazing and helped so much, we had tried everything and spent so much on training classes and different methods and nothing seemed to work. We were extremely hesitant when this was suggested to us by multiple trainers and our vet but it has made such a difference and allowed us to keep our dog who is the just the biggest sweetheart but struggled with issues from previous owners.

Los Angeles, CA

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